Saturday Road to Nowhere

Our Road to Nowhere Drive will be filled with the beautiful scenery of these old mountains. Our driving will be moderate, at a speed that does not compromise our safety or our drivers licenses ! (but we won't poke either :-) ) We will cover 171 miles if we do it all. (If we run short of time we can skip a couple of the last stops)
Our first road will be "The Road to Nowhere". The RTN leaves Bryson City and follows the ridges on the north side of Fontana Lake where it suddenly ends. "Nowhere". After a brief walk through the scary tunnel, (bring a flashlight :-) ) we will return to Bryson City and head for Franklin NC on NC28 running a section of the road known as "The Moonshiner." 
We will stop and have lunch in Franklin at a neat restaurant in an old downtown car dealership. It is known as The Motor Company Grill. After the meal we will head for "The Wayah Road" for some twists and turns thru the Nantahala. After Wayah we will visit the Joyce Kilmer Memorial Forest. There are 400 year old trees there! Our final stop will be the Maple Springs Overlook where our view will span from the Cheoha Valley and the Nantahala National Forest to the South to the Great Smoky Mountains to the North! 
Leaving Joyce Kilmer Forest we will return to Fontana via US 129 past the Tapoco Lodge and drive toward home via NC 28 with a beautiful (and twisty) drive beside the Little Tennessee River below Fontana where if forms Cheoha Lake. 
If you choose to tag along, we promise a great but fairly long day filled with awesome roads and good company. We suggest that you bring walking shoes to make the short hikes to the viewing platforms and to see the big trees. 
It will be a memorable day!

This drive is approximately 170 miles, is planned for a 5.5 hour duration (including stops) and departs Saturday Morning.

Group Leader: John Patterson, Audi S5
Pace: Moderate