Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there more than one Quattro de Mayo?

No! They say imitation is the most sincere form of flattery, but we say accept no imitations! QDM started many years ago as a group of Audi enthusiasts who wanted to drive the Tail of the Dragon on the weekend closest to May 4th each year. Over the years, the event has grown, and grown up for that matter. We offer a mix of highly organized drives, socialization, swag, raffles, auctions, dinners, fireworks, memories and lasting friendships that no other event in the Audi community can. We also place a strong focus on obeying the rules of the road, maintaining a safe pace, and ensuring that every driver is comfortable on our drives. Our reputation precedes us, and we would hate for any brand confusion caused by a different event of the same name to tarnish it, or set improper expectations of our event or others'.

We love every Audi event out there (and even some non-Audi events), but there is only one Quattro de Mayo!

How much does Quattro de Mayo registration cost?

Here's a quick break-down of the costs:

  • The base registration is $150 per driver/vehicle. This includes food and beverage at Friday's Cookout and Saturday's Banquet, a shirt, keychain, sticker, commemorative tumbler, and one general raffle ticket.
  • Each adult guest is also $150, and they receive the same swag as the driver package.
  • Children are $25 each, and they receive a child-sized shirt, and food and beverage at Friday's Cookout and Saturday's Banquet.
  • Non-ACNA members can get a 1-year membership via the registration form, for $49.
  • General Raffle "A" tickets are $1 each.
  • Intermediate "S" tickets are $2 each.
  • Grand Prize Raffle "RS" tickets are $5.
  • Ultra Grand Prize Raffle "R" tickets are $20.
  • We have several drawings throughout the weekend, and you pick where each of your tickets go.

We've streamlined the registration process from previous years, and eliminated most of the al-a-carte options. This makes it less confusing for you and easier for us to predict costs. By including "swag" for all guests, we're also able to get better volume pricing from our vendors, lowering the cost for you.
Our prices are low compared to most events of this scale. This is thanks to the generous contributions from our sponsors. The Audi Club of Georgia is a not-for-profit organization, run solely by volunteers, so we're not trying to make a quick buck off of our attendees.

Do I have to be a member of ACNA to attend?

Yes, drivers must be current ACNA members. Participation in club events is the biggest benefit of membership.

What do the different drive designations (spirited, moderate, casual) mean?

Firstly, all Audi Club of Georgia / Quattro de Mayo drives are led by a select group of veteran members whose first responsibility is the safety of the group. We have fun, but we are serious about driving responsibly, being courteous to other drivers, motorcycles, and cyclists, and take not crossing the double yellow line seriously.

Spirited QDM drives are our most experienced and fast paced drives. The spirited group allows you to move at a faster but still safe pace with the group allowing everyone to "stretch the legs" on their cars. Spirited drives are recommended for those that have previously attended an Audi Club GA driving event. Some drives may be marked "Spirited+" or "Spirited Endurance"; these drives require past experience with Georgia Chapter / QDM Spirited drives.

In NO way are spirited runs a race between members!

This is the hardest drive type to describe. Moderate QDM drives allow drivers looking for a healthy mix of slow and fast paced driving the opportunity to take advantage of that. Moderate drives feature challenging, curvy routes found in spirited drives, and great views, with an eye towards making sure nobody is breaking a sweat, including passengers. Moderate+ drives lean more toward spirited than casual.

Casual QDM drives will take you through the North Georgia, Tennessee and North Carolina mountains to view the outdoors while taking it at a comfortable pace. The casual routes will allow drivers of all skill levels to enjoy the mountains by taking them at a leisurely pace. 

Join our QDM Destination drives that will take you across the North Georgia, Tennessee and North Carolina mountains to different tucked away locations. Drives are usually casual in drive speed (unless otherwise specified) and will allow you to view the sites and relax before the group makes its way to the destination and back to the host hotel. Destination drives may sometimes be noted as "moderate" or "casual" destination. These additional descriptors will help you understand the cadence of the group.

There's a driver in my group who isn't comfortable with the pace. Can you make them speed up?

No! We'll never ask someone to drive beyond their abilities or comfort level. If a driver is out of their element, we may suggest that they select slower paced drives in the future. Also, we know that the driver makes the car and not the other way around. An experienced driver in a lower power car can easily out-drive a novice in a high powered car, so be sure to check your ego at the door!

Are there items or tools I should be acquiring now or in the coming weeks prior to the event that will be useful on a drive?

We recommend:

  • GPS
  • GMRS radio (with 'privacy channels' or 'sub channels')
  • Chargers for your GPS and radio
  • Glass cleaner and towel 
  • Tire pressure gauge 
  • Bottled water, snacks 
  • Rain gear
  • Sunscreen

What should I wear (or not wear, i.e. flip flops)? What is the dress code for the banquet?

Wear comfortable clothes, but pack for all weather possibilities (we've seen it all: super hot, cold, rainy, foggy, and occasionally, perfect). For all of our event segments, including the banquet, the dress code is casual.

Can I bring my own 'adult beverages' to the cookout and banquet?

Unfortunately, no. The resort does not allow bringing beverages to the banquet or cookout, but they will offer a cash bar.

Should I bring my own GPS?

Definitely! Most people now use their smart phones for navigation. Not only do they work very well, but we are also able to share maps to our drives easily with them. Be sure to obey all traffic laws when operating a smart phone in the car!

Are other marques/brands of vehicles welcome, or just Audis?

We welcome all makes and models (see who else is registered and what they drive). Don't forget, drivers must be ACNA members, regardless of what they drive.

If I’m late or can’t make it to the starting point on time, is there a rendezvous or waypoint where it’s acceptable to join the group, or am I out of luck?

If you're late, swing by the sign-in table and grab a map packet (or a link to load on your smart phone) for your drive. Do not try to catch up to your group by speeding. Drive at a safe pace and stop in at every waypoint to see if your group is there. Most likely, you'll be able to catch them at their lunch stop. 

If my car is due for service, should I service it BEFORE the drive (so it’s in tip-top shape), or following the drive (to restore worn items, fluids, and filters)?

Before! You'll want your car in tip-top shape for your trip to QDM and all of your drives during. 

What other items are nice to have?

Camera, video camera (like a GoPro or Contour), a playlist of your favorite driving tunes, to name a few.

I want to buy raffle tickets online. How can I do that?

Unfortunately, we are unable to sell raffle tickets online at this time. But, you can buy plenty during the event!

I need to cancel. What should I do?

 Just send us an email letting us know. Don't forget that all cancellations are handled per the cancellation policy.

I want to register, but the event is sold out. What should I do?

If you missed Round 1 of registration, Round 2 is right around the corner, on February 1st at 8:00 pm.