Saturday Tail of the Dragon Late

The TOTD is one of America’s legendary roads. Only 11 miles long, it has 318 turns between the NC/TN border and the famed Tabcat Bridge.

This drive is technical and challenging. Even at moderate speeds, this is a spirited ride, with gravity cavities, blind curves, and quick switchbacks. You will be physically challenged by the forces acting on your car as you learn again the phrase “Brake, Look, Turn” has real meaning. Furthermore, you will come to appreciate the Slow is Smooth, and Smooth is Fast!

We’ll depart Fontana Village and turn due north on Highway 28 (aka The Hellbender!). We’ll slip through the Crossroads of Time (CROT) and stop for lunch first. The, we'll push on to The Dragon.

This drive is approximately 42 miles, is planned for a 2-1/2 hour duration (including stops) and departs late Saturday Morning.

Group Leader: Chris Hatzo, Volkswagen GTi
Pace: Spirited