Friday Tracing 1000 years of Georgia History, Track Rock Petroglyphs to Trahlyta's grave and falls

1000+ years of Georgia's History -- in seven hours
On our drive through North Georgia we will be traveling first to a little known but amazing Georgia Archeological site. The Track Rock Petroglyphs.  
Some say they were done by the Cherokee but experts now know that they were done much earlier. It could have been a group known as the Woodland people or even the Archaic people before them. Some even say the Mayans were here!
After a brief stop there we will drive to Dahlonega via the Richard B Russell scenic highway and the Town Creek Church Road. It is BEAUTIFUL!  We will spend a bit of time in Dahlonega and walk the square, talk about the Gold Rush,have opportunities for photos, and CHOCOLATES from Paul Thomas Chocolates! 
We will leave Dahlonega and drive Georgia 60 toward Suches. On this leg we will visit the stone pile resting place of Trahlyta.

Trahlyta is the name of a woman in Cherokee legend who is said to have lived in the North Georgia Mountains. Trahlyta supposedly drank from a nearby Fountain of Youth to maintain her renowned beauty. The warrior Wahsega courted her, but Trahlyta rejected his courtship, and the angered warrior kidnapped and imprisoned Trahlyta in some unknown location away from the beauty's mountain home. Trahlyta longed to see her home again, but her captor did not relent, and she grew weak. Her dying wish was to be buried in the mountain forests whence she came. According to the historical marker at the site of her supposed grave, "custom arose among the Indians and later the Whites to drop stones, one for each passerby, on her grave for good fortune." Today there is a pile of stones reaching at least five feet high.  

Heading north on 60 we will detour east on GA 180 to Vogle State Park to visit Trahlyta Lake and Falls. THIS is a great and twisty road!

We will then head on to Blue Ridge for a late lunch.  ( and maybe ice cream ) before taking a rural scenic northern route back to our lodging by mid afternoon. 

It will be a beautiful day filled with great roads and experiences.  If you choose to travel with us, bring a small stone from your home for Trahlyta's grave. It will bring you good fortune!

Group Leader: John Patterson, Audi S5
Pace: Destination Moderate