Saturday Return to Nowhere

We’re on a road to Nowhere. We’ll take that ride!

In 2016, we gathered our courage and went where none of us had gone before.

This year we are going back. If you dare! We will leave Brasstown Valley and follow undisclosed circuitous routes to Bryson City where we will travel the Road To Nowhere. A road built in the late 1940s to provide local residents access to old cemeteries cut off and made inaccessible by the flooding of Fontana Lake. It was never finished and ends deep into the park in a long tunnel with only a few hundred feet of road on the other side. Bring a flashlight and sturdy shoes!

SOME even said the spirits of the abandoned deceased inhabit the tunnel. ( I didn’t notice that ;-)

After a nice lunch in Bryson City we will “consume” “The Moonshiner”. NC28 to Franklin is challenging and scenic. Following the path of the Little Tennessee River as it winds its way through ancient mountains. We will stop in Cowee. Cowee is small but it’s history is long. We will learn of Cherokee and those who lived here even before them. We will read about British Troops who attacked them here several years before the American Revolution!

After Cowee we will decide on our return to Brasstown Valley. If we are still feeling adventurous, we can drive the lower half of Wayah Road to Junaluska Road and back. If we have had enough and wish to relax a bit, we will return on scenic US 64. Either way it will be great and we will get back in plenty of time for dinner!

Group Leader: John Patterson, Audi S5
Pace: Moderate