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Wayha Skippin the Gorge?

Wayha Skippin the Gorge?

This year, we are taking a similar, yet different route.  First we'll head north, through some scenic, curvy roads, heading to the beginning of Waya road.  After a brief stop, we'll head down the main event, Wayah road!   As a breather after those fun twisty turns, we'll continue through Franklin on our way to lunch in Highlands at last year's favorite, The Ugly Dog Pub in Franklin, NC.  After lunch, we will head down and tackle Warwoman road, and then hit some more nice roads on the way back to Unicoi.

Wayah road is probably the toughest part of the trip on your car, so make sure those brakes are up to snuff!

  • Group Leader: Jim Harry, 2012 Audi A7
  • Pace: Spirited, Some cruising. Mostly curves
  • Staging Location: TBA
  • Staging Time:
  • Departure Time:
  • Distance: 163 miles | Duration: 5 hours
  • Lunch Location: The Ugly Dog Pub in Franklin, NC
  • Points of Interest: Wayah Road, Warwoman Road

Wayha Skippin the Gorge Route Map Drives

Sorry, this drive is full!

If someone changes their mind and registers for another Saturday drive, a slot will open up. But it may be a good idea to register for another drive in the mean time.

Who is on this drive?

  • Jared Lott
  • Deborah Kim
  • David Kim
  • Rishi Sur
  • Brian Thorpe
  • James Gardner
  • Jacob Zeitz
  • Carrie Hasbrouck
  • Greg Harry - Tail
  • Steven Johnson
  • James Schwind
  • Jim Harry - Leader