Are you ready for Quattro de Mayo 2019?

QDM 2019 Presented by Audi Atlanta and Audi Marietta is finally here! We couldn't do what we do without the help of our amazing sponsors, group leaders and volunteers! This year, our volunteers will be wearing red lanyards, so you can quickly find the nearest volunteer to get help or ask a question.

Here's what you need to know:

  • Our Event Schedule is finalized and can be reviewed here.
  • Our Drive Schedule can be reviewed here. Knowing when and where your drive stages and departs is critical. Please make sure to arrive on time at the correct staging location. Do not show up early or late! If you show up early, you'll be sent away, and if you show up late, you will likely have missed your drive!
    Both the Event Schedule and the Drive Schedule are printed on your name badge, so wear it at all times.
  • Unicoi State Park Lodge is spread out over several buildings and parking areas. The main conference center houses the majority of non-driving functions for the weekend. In this building, you will check-in to your room, check-in to the event, attend orientation, Friday's drivers meeting, Beer and Tire Talk, the banquet and more.
    Please download and review this map of the conference center:

    Unicoi Conference Center
    (click for full size)

  • Outside the Lodge, you'll find a tiered parking lot along the main drive, and a larger "upper" lot beyond it. The tiered lots will be used for drive staging, and will be closed for parking to all drivers except group leaders and their tails. This ensures that the staging areas are clear and that our leaders and tails can easily stage their cars in the right spot without contending with overly eager drivers. Any drivers who park in this area will be asked to move...probably at the drivers meeting...in front of everyone.
    Please download and review this map of the exterior of the resort:

    Unicoi Lodge Parking
    (click for full size)

  • Since 2014, the Audi Club of Georgia has been raising money to help the local communities in which we hold our event. Each year, we ask attendees to make a small donation to Meals on Wheels, with the club also donating a portion of our raffle sale proceeds. This year will be no different, please take a look at our Meals on Wheels page to learn more about this great cause.